The education I had in Lakshmi English School was splendour, but for that to be applied, definitely the school should also be a nice place to study. Actually the school was the best place to start your studies. It had the right teacher at the right time for me. We had some limitations as a family and that too helped me in doing good in studies. The correspondent who was a pretty old guy at that moment was very strict on the teachers and that made the difference. He was not running a business rather he was concentrating on providing the very needed educational service to the needy and the elite.

Over that he had a great standard of subjects. Actually we were studying Gulmohar books for English and our Tamil books were one grade above the rest of the schools. Even the other subjects had their own weightage. My knowledge gained over in this school cannot be underrated as most of it got me through the toughest times ahead. Everybody knows studying a language other than the mother tongue is hard enough. In India, it is completely ridiculous to see people learning almost all the subjects (like science, maths, and even history) with English. Hence having a good fundamentals in the language is the foremost to grow in subsequent grades. And Lakshmi English School had the muscle to provide the same.

Talking about miracles, I will term this also one of the miracles I happened to have. I got good solid education from a school which was near, pretty cheap(such that our family can afford) and moreover I got to know and learn from one of the best teachers. This is surely the other miracle I want everybody to realize. My teacher is part of my history, just as my mother and father. In Tamil we have a saying, which goes like, “Mother Father Teacher God”. The statement actually arranges the beings who are the most important to you in that order. The Mother who gives you life is the foremost, the Father (who your mother acknowledges) guides you through your life, the Teacher provides you with the knowledge to execute your life and the God is who acknowledges your life and rewards you. I believe I have got all the four with the best and pristine condition and I don’t complain about anything.

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