For life to be good, there should always be a destination to reach. Some think the destination to be successful in life, but my view is that it is our eternal sleep itself. Anyhow, as in all journeys, it is not the destination which is very attractive for the traveller, it is the journey itself which fascinates him. Hence everybody should traverse their life as a sizzling journey which has to be enjoyed. And the destination should be ultimately reached, if not you will not complete your ultimate journey.

For me my journey started in a small city Chennai in Tamil Nadu India. I was born in 7th of December in a Government Hospital(GH) nearby. Don’t panic, in those days, for maternity cases, the GH is the best bet for good caring of the new mother. I was the son born after 10 years of the elder child in my family. My mother still says, that I was born because of a lot of prayers to God. That was a pleasant Friday morning when I was born at around 8:30 to 8:40 AM. My family was filled with joy with my venture into this world. My sister, who I love the most, was one of the happiest person of all. She was happy because at last she has a smaller brother to play with.

Then I grew up doing all the naughty things the child does until my age of 2.5 or 3 when I had this dreadful illness. I donot remember how I suffered, my parents still remember it and say, you were reborn at that time. I was ill for almost 1 to 1.5 years from then. Mostly because of bad diagnosis from the doctor’s side which cured the illness temporarily or something. Then I was shown to one of the best Child Specialists in and around Chennai. He gave me the rebirth. I was diagnosed with Oesnophilia, and I had a bad immune system. Then I recovered to the best joy of my family. And what I think as a miracle had happened in my life.

Talking about miracles, everyone has miracles in their life. Some just ignore them, where some just make it as a reason to believe and to have faith. I am under the second category and I did not get to know it by this one miracle, but through other miracles that happened throughout my life.

Everybody has their own ups and downs through their life, and the main thing is that you should not lose faith. As I said, enjoying life is the most important thing. Don’t postpone any of your joys to tomorrow and feel left out when you reach your destiny. Because, as in all travels, the journey through your life should be enjoyable. You don’t know what will happen when you reach your destiny. So to sacrifice something dear to you or postponing something to tomorrow is never going to pay.

So what, I got out of the illness, and now I was facing another big challenge. As I was ill I didn’t join the school at the expected age. Hence I would lose the crucial one year in everbody’s life. But as the good teachers they were, my parents taught me to read, write and interpret the deals that I have to go through in the school. That was only Lower Kinder Garten(L.K.G) they taught me, but it was too much, as they had to compromise my health, their jobs, their other activities towards my sister, etc.

Finally I joined the Upper Kinder Garten(U.K.G) in a school then named Lakshmi English School. The school was pretty cool. I started off becoming the very favourite of the teachers around there. One of the teachers should definitely be mentioned. She (Malar) was the person who shaped up my education to the best possible way. As my parents where working as teachers themselves, I couldnot go home just after completion of school. Hence I used to join the tuition programme with the Malar teacher in the school. She taught me most of the things I know in English and made my fundamentals right. I used to complete all my homework during the tuition and used to play when I reach home. I completed all the work that needs to completed other than the three times, two times copying the answers from the book in the tuition time itself. I gained a lot from those times. And as it started I was the star student in my class.

Then time came when I had to scale higher to higher standards(grades – from II grade to III grade), hence I had to separate from my favourite teacher. I had a severe fallout in the studies. Previously I used to study a lot during the tuition hours, now, the tuition hours are no longer available for study. I continued my usual play in home tactics, but it didn’t work. Then I thought, even this should be for my own good. Then I too started studying on my own, on my home, and definitely results were good.

When I was in the fourth grade, I had grown good in studying that I was contending for the star student category again. Then disaster struck, and I had to leave the school. I will tell about the disaster latter, beforehand I would like to summarise my school, its surroundings and everything I remember from the stellar experience of first education.

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