I thought my marriage was the biggest turner in my life, but the next one which could be more big has come and it is the birth of my first child.

It has changed my life already, just into the fourth day of her birth, I see most of my movements, behaviour and everything is changing for the best. I am not sure How far I am going to move with this. She is a small, cute little child, who just throws her eyes around – still not recognizing most of the guys around. But she definitely recognizes the mother around.

Everybody in my family are saying, she reminds us of my sister – who had passed away – I may also like believing that. But as a tribute I am thinking of naming my child after my sister. I am thinking a lot of stuff. But I am not sure of anything. My mind is simply going crazy to see her. Right when I am about to leave to visit her at my mother-in-law’s house, I thought of registering this moment in the history of the web – my blog.

The more I am in love with the beloved little thing, the more I am fascinated with the bonding I have had, am having and am about to have with my wife. Who is the softest and great little person I have to see more often than before now. Our relationship is going to turn into a new coin after all that has happened in the few weeks towards the birth of the child and after that.

This post is entirely what I am feeling right now – and hence can be right out-of-proportions for some. Anyhow, this is my blog and I have the independence to do so, hence sorry for others who haven’t found that special moment. May be the best I can do for them is pray for their moment of glory to be acheived soon. God does miracles in very different ways – you will find them soon. It takes time to actually think and realize them. I have done the same a lot of time, hence you will get your time sooner than later – with that thought let me cut short this kirukkal.

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