Yeah, yesterday was the longest night – something similar to the longest day battle on the european coast during world war II.

So it was our baby chellam was crying like anything, she was feeling difficult about something which we couldn’t find out. The problem was never rectified. From the moment I got home she was crying, feeding, doing the usual chores and again start crying. I, my wife and my mother-in-law all were already tired because of our hectic schedules, still we couldn’t do anything for a good night sleep. My mother-in-law could sleep on the first half of the night when I and my wife were looking after the baby. And then my turn came for the sleep and my wife and mother-in-law took over at around 4 AM.

It was harrowing, as I was sleeping in the same room as they were in, I can hear all the screams from my child and was practically disturbed the whole night thinking of all the possibilities for her discomfort. But in the morning I had another startling revelation. More babies do better damage to the sleep than this. Now should I be glad about a very small but difficult experience or be sad for it. That’s for us to decide.

Anyhow, it has been a long night and again a long day at the office – I am going to my home tonight (baby is with her mother at my mother-in-law’s house)and hence can be sure that I will be spared tonight.

Looking forward to more longer nights to come when the baby chellam visits me at my house. Again owning and caring for a baby is not child’s play. And to just know that we have a piece of rememberance when we leave this world is itself a total gratification a human could really acheive. So good things don’t come easy, you have to toil hard for them. Do it and your kid will be in that total gratification factor.


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