Matric – to students in Tamilnadu, passing thro’ matric examinations is one of the biggest acheivements. When a student passes from Matric in a great fashion, he goes on to acheive better things from the College. Hence my matric days were filled with more responsibilities like learning non-stop. Having no time for fun, etc., And I also had a dubious distinction of being the School First and everybody had high hopes from me.

This is a sort of pressure nobody should be in. But it was me. The same pressure happened to be a breaker when I was studying 8th standard, but I had broke the pressure barrier myself by telling to myself – no need to be pressurized, there will always be persons who are better than me and who are worse than me. Hence I have to just concentrate and focus on my goal and finish it.

My goal then became, that I had to get good marks to get recruited in to the Maths & Science group and target Engineering. Moreover as I always do I try to enjoy life, I had other work too. Like working as a School Pupil Leader, being the Class Leader, playing cricket/football, dancing, acting, etc., All this was what actually making me feel better about myself completing Matric.

My school days until matriculation (10th standard) was what set the tone for the rest of my life. I have always liked friendly and enjoyable company and that’s what has shaped me up as a good leader, good friend, good person as a whole.

Those were good old days and to be called the golden days of my life is not short enough. The persons, friends, comrades I was around those days cannot be compared to any other place. They were the best. To your astonishment, our circle of friends still continue to be friends and we meet up with almost every weekend. Within us we have more than three Engineers (two software), one MBA, one businessman, one AD publisher etc., We all still meet up, chat and relive most of our school days one-by-one.

A man is known by the friends he keeps, but as a variety of guys, keeping the friendship for this long, we are certainly various aspects of a good bunch of guys who you all might see around.

With that note, I end up this episode, the later episode will contain a lot more detail of personal incidents on school.