Talking about school I can’t just forget all the incidents which I was involved in, mainly embarrassing ones. And also funny ones – we all still talk about these incidents and make fun of each other.

Hide & Seek: Hide & Seek is a popular game in our school, mainly because of the surroundings which made that happen. Our surroundings were a bit spooky when I joined the school, how about two half-built buildings and a full built one with bushes growing all in the empty places where the people have forgotten to keep a foot on for ages. This gets more spookier when the time actually climbs after the sun sets. The half-built buildings guaranteed a lot of nooks and corners to hide, and a very simple place to children like us who are not yet aware of the spooky superstitions of the world.

We climbed the beams, lafts, windows, etc – (sometimes we even had lunches at these places). Hide and Seek was the best game to be played under this environment.

You may already know the rules, but for those who don’t

1. The catcher catches hidden persons one by one and name them ‘1, 2, 3,…’
2. If the cathcher catches them all without getting fouled the person the catcher named ‘1’ will be the next catcher and the previous catcher can join the hiding clan.
3. If somebody whom the catcher has not named fouled him/her (by hitting him in the back), then he agains becomes the catcher and the cycle starts again.

There is a catch – if somebody fouls the catcher before the catcher even names a person ‘1’, then he becomes the catcher and the previous catcher again joins the hiding clan.

I personally had a great method to catch the thieves. What I will do is I will find people, but not name them –> until I have got everyone. Hence even if somebody fouls me –> he will become the catcher. It’s a kinda of illegal, but hey, all is fair in love and war – and you have to always play to win. Sometimes my friends won’t let me be the catcher itself (how absurd), because I ruin their fun. The fact is I will keep the participants guessing, by sometimes naming the persons I had caught.

Anyhow, we had a lot of fun playing all those time-pass games. Our clan was like some twenty-odd nos: some from a grade previous to mine, and some from a grade above me. We were all pals, buddies, and real friends at heart. We always helped, loved, cared each other, similarly teased, fought, and sometimes hurt each other. But the interesting thing we didn’t hate anybody by heart. We all loved the company – girls or boys we were all the same playing and enjoying for what was the best school days everyone would have enjoyed.

I will come back with more interesting incidents, keep tuned in…