Hi then,

I did a most recent turn on my career, when I said bye to Java/J2EE and went on to do C/C++. To be short, I had not touched C coding after the Second Year in College. C++ you can guess what I would have done. Going on for five years on Java and then suddenly changing to C/C++, that was one risk I was taking on my career.

The other major risk was I was joining a startup. So what is that puts everybody off when they begin to work on a startup. Is it the hardworking environment or the salary or both. But for me it has been love for both the options. I was glad I am getting into hardwork again. And I was also glad, I need not worry about my investment plans for some more years. Its a bore to analyze where to put your excess money, when U have it in your hand. I better take rich dividends at the end of the startup era of my current company, rather than trying to spend the money on hand carefully.

So, with the risks involved why did I take the job, well, for the area we are innovating. P2P is always a headliner, and storage a revenue churner. What we have come up with is something which is both P2P and Storage, which is particularly awesome & affordable even for a small home network.

Now its early days, but some of our anonymous reviewers, who we have no connection with except the internet “http://www.livejournal.com/users/sydhart/58825.html” has written quiet a piece.

So future is how we implement it in the best possible way. And I am here just to do it.

My company website – www.vembu.com, Product name – Vembu StoreGrid, Purpose – P2P Backup.

Life’s Smoooooooooooooooooooth.