Actually there are a lot of things to update,

1. My baby girl has started going to Pre-School.
2. My Company is doing great, and is on path to becoming a 100 million dollar company.
3. My Friends (school friends as well as college friends) are about to get married (finally). Yes they are all boys.
4. I am still the same irresponsible fellow at home.

etc., and etc.,

First about my baby girl. Whoever have met her when she was a baby would have told, she is going to throw a lot of tantrums when she is to go to school. I believed this will not be happening. I was sure, because like myself, she craves for acceptability among her peers. And she will do something pretty absurd, just to show that she can. We all thought she won’t spend a single minute without her mother or her grandpa around. But, now she spends around five hours in the pre-school, without them. She also never cries when she enters the school campus. She cries a little when she is in the house starting for school, but I have never seen her cry when she enters the school. Also when we go to pick her up (I went only once), she was on her personal best walking stylishly out towards us.

That’s one kind of girl we have raised. But, to make the fun story short, nowadays, she doesn’t leave her mother or grandpa when she is at home. Sometimes she doesn’t even come nearer to me for days (reason might be also that I spend very much like half-an-hour or so when she is awake at home).

Anyway that was about it. The rest of it is related to the Professional life, boy we are doing good in Vembu Technologies. Lots of new things are springing up all the time. We are pretty much expected about our latest 2.2.1 Release, as well are very much excited to see what we are having in store for the customers at the 2.3 Release. May be we are sitting on a 100 mill $ product after all. At the rate we are growing we can see rocket growth in the next one year.

Added on to that we are also working on some next gen features for the next major version to crack that Enterprise market after which we can say, “It’s Raining money, hallelujah, Its Raining money”. As far as I am concerned, this is one decision of my life that could be a big turner for my life professionally as well as personally.

I did the same, when I had to choose between AirForce interview to Software Engineering, even though I would have been the same Software Engineer in AirForce, I chose the later. And, then I chose over just a money-making career to a risky entry with a startup. I believe the first one clicked. But I believe the second one is going to be more fun than I could have ever imagined, I will be making money – right, but I will also be enjoying doing that. That is the real fun about it.

Thirdly, my friends, I am not sure if I had mentioned it earlier, me and my friends date back from around 1987/1988. That’s almost 20 years. We have criss-crossed and have spent valuable time just to be around when the other needs us. We have seen a lot of fun events, joyous moments. But we haven’t celebrated greatly yet. As only one marriage is complete within my school mates (mine, so I was not part of the celebration), I am dying now to see others take that final plunge.

Three of my friends are pending marriage due to their Love life. Others are pending marriage plainly and I believe in the next one to one and a half years all my friends will be married. And I will be relieved of taking the burden of the lone family man in our group. Will update with more things to come (would love to upload the pictures too…).

And finally, as I said, I am still that irresponsible fellow, who doesn’t worry about anything or anybody other than work. That’s how I am built, I try to run away from all my personal responsibilities, and I am not sure how long I am still going to do that, only time will tell. I believe I am still lacking in my abilities in the professional arena. I want to set the bar so high, as high as it possibly can be, or may be even further. As sometimes it helps to set new standards for yourself, because you have to be the best (good or better just doesn’t count).

With that we can end this now, I will update with news when something exciting breaks up.