Like always, Chennai is getting drenched with Monsoon rains, and I am getting drenched in work. So for the past one week, I didn’t spend a day without riding my bike through the rain. Its kind of fun though, when it is this much repetitive, can become a little bit worrisome. That too riding in the rain with all vehicles coming at you with High Beam on, could make you worry a lot.

Recent updates,

1. Working on a couple of Christmas skit for our Church.
2. Some work on performance optimizations.
3. Conference calls for some custom usage of the product.
4. Overall team building efforts,

and you name any one of other works, I will be at it.

Another update, bought a brand new laptop for my house, very sleek, Acer Aspire 4520 series. I believe I got a good deal, let us wait and see.

All the more I see I am doing a lot of work, I see myself enjoying this almost. I sleep only around 6-8 hours a day. I spend a little time with my baby girl, telling her some bed-time stories. Lot of fun happening. I visited the Abirami Mall with my wife, my baby girl, and few of our relatives and had a great time over there. Last few weeks have been quite a fun and I believe this is here to continue.

To love or hate, the life is here and I am enjoying every moment of it. Now, if I may just show the same kind of enthusiasm in the following activities that would also be more interesting & rewarding.

1. Going on time to Church.
2. Going on time to Office.
3. Brainstorming about a lot.
4. Interactive & Extreme programming.
5. Be a nice guy (when it desperately needs myself to be) – like don’t be a heart-breaker.

And lots and lots more, as being a irresponsible fellow has taught me, you cannot always be a selfish fellow, you have to at least try to satisfy what others are expecting from you. Because, they are the ones for whom you are living for. Without them, life would mean nothing.

On that drastic note, I would like to return to my own selfish ways and try to more irresponsible.

Bye for now.