After an eventful November and the first week of December, looking forward for more eventful course of the current month.

November – what happened ?

1. Wedding anniversary (Mine & My parents).
2. Shopping for wedding anniversary.
3. First Year in memory of my Grandfather (father of my father)
4. Wedding in family
5. One of my close friend’s birthday.
6. A short visit from my friend from B’lore

Enjoyzzzzzzzz continued as,

December – what happened till now ?

1. Mother’s birthday
2. my friend’s engagement.
3. my viral fever, just before my birthday
4. my birthday
5. my Uncle’s birthday (mother’s brother)

December – what is to happen till ?

1. my in-law’s wedding anniversary (wife’s parents)
2. More shopping
3. Christmas [& christmas related programs]
4. Love feast [I love the feast right ??? LOL]
5. New year.

Something to worry about, I am inching another year closer to 30. But what the heck, I want to forget age and only calculate when someone else asks.

Other than that life is going fast paced and taking a lots of twists and turns, and we are about to do one more fruitful release of StoreGrid product.

The most important update of them all is I am choosing a school for my girl, most probably she will be joining one among these schools,

1. DAV, Choolaimedu.
2. Fathima, Kodambakkam.
3. CSI Ewarts, -.
4. Vidyodaya, -.
5. Vincents, -.
6. Good Shepherd, -.

As time can tell, I will update where she is about to study in a later date, but the above list shows, that not only I am getting older, but I am also trying to be a more responsible father nowadays.

Its fun that I am choosing a school for my kid. A boy who didn’t even care where I was studying. Trying to analyze the education, facilities, fee structure, donation (if any). Really, like these stuff do matter. I know from my experience as a student, it is only upto the student to learn stuff which will be needed for you to deal with life. But now I am turned to look for vibes from all these institutions to identify who will impart that same level of passion for studies, performing stuff which matters to my little kid.

But as time and God decided my progress & future, I will let time and God decide what will be best for my kid. I will try to put in my best efforts, but it is finally God’s grace how all ideas pan out.

And its fun to know, all these decisions are taken in a haste, for example to join DAV, I bought the application on thursday, I will be submitting it on Monday, the results [selection results for LKG admissions, hmm] will be available by Wednesday, and most probably the whole year’s fees will be paid by this month end. All this while even the academic year doesn’t start for another six to seven months. This has become the educational status in India. If you want a good school, you have to book in advance.

On another funny note, Infosys is offering Software Engineer Trainee jobs for guys who are still to finish the sixth semester exams. They are booking the candidates around one and a half years in advance.

This is surely a long post, most probably everybody have already skipped it, but sure I will post a lot bigger one by my next post.