2008,  New Year

A wishes for the New Year 2008

Days have gone-by,
So-fast, that we are almost stranded where we don’t want to be,
We want to run longer, we want to stay longer
But as time doesn’t wait, it all goes-by
The fact that we stayed and enjoyed a few moments that went
We still can say, Bye to one of the greatest years that passed,
And say Hello to the new one coming up.

My wishes to all is, Have a great New year 2008, with tonnes of joy, cheer, freedom, and hope for another great year,

Happy New Year 2008

Jay is the Founder of JKL Technologies (http://www.jkltech.in), which specializes in SaaS products on the cloud & Mobile Apps. JKL Technologies is also known for Cloud Consultation for various enterprises to move from their current intranet (on premise) Apps to the Cloud. Nerd @ Heart & Competitive by Nature.

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