After a long gap, some updates. Its been very long after I blogged last. Yes, more than two months. This has been real hectic with lots of stuff going on parallel. I have just listed a few for a quick tid-bit.

I – any post without mentioning my girl first is insane:

Finally, my girl has found a school to start her schooling from the KGs. She got her application approved at a few schools, but she is joining the Sacred Heart Matric. Hr. Sec. School in Church Park for her KGs. The first year’s fees have been paid and she has also provided the measurements for her uniform. Most probably, she is going to wear the same colours till the Higher Secondary School completion.

II – This I had to, as my wife is killing me if I don’t mention her in the post:

And, yes, she has passed the M.Phil exams. The only subject for which she is waiting for the results is her thesis. That should definitely be a slam-dunk. She was really worried about the exams, that she refused to attend the second one. But I insisted, and informed her that if she couldn’t do it, nobody can. This enthused her and she completed studying for that subject in two days and wrote the exam. And she could manage the 50% that she ought to in both the exams, this is real great.

III – Again My Girl:

She did attend her first Annual Day (at her Pre-School). The amazing stuff she did. a. She started the proceedings with the Prayer. b. She was one of the dancers in the Crazy-Frog song. After this bit, I really know that more parents have recognized my wife and my father(who go to drop/pick her up at the school) to be Junia’s Mother and GrandFather. It really was a great deal for her and us. I have all covered in a video, hopefully I will embed it soon.

IV – Again:

She also attended the beginner’s Examination for Sunday-School in oral. She was supposed to memorize 10 verses from various chapters of the Bible, and she received a perfect score on her exams. All the hardwork and effort were put in by my wife and my daughter. Now, she officially knows more verses than me from the Bible.

V – StoreGrid:

As most as if I am a part of StoreGrid, I also feel that StoreGrid has become a part of my life. Now, my life’s progress is based on StoreGrid and I have dedicated all my efforts into it. And this February, we have made a new Release of StoreGrid (2.3), with a new string of features attached. I will be happy that I was able to be a part of the current Release as well, with long-requested features such as the SSL support, socket Reconnection etc., and also one of the key things we improved in this release is the performance of StoreGrid. 2.3 is a hard-fought tough release, which sucked the energy out of most of its developers. I hope this has the great impression on the market and our customers.


Finally I bought the LCD television (SHARP 32inches), and I am pretty happy with it.

VII – Friends are getting married. First it was Sudhakar, Vadivel, Jagannath, and Prabhu, and tomorrow it will be Jagan. Lot more marriages lined up to.

VIII – To my guilty glee, Indians won the Tri-Series in Australia, but the icing on the cake was U-19 World Cup triumph. Who would have thought we would win after that paltry score. Really I didn’t. Kudos to young guns. Its really great to see aggressive cricket. Indians do play pretty aggressively at home, but it was also good to seen the same attitude in an away series.

Well a real long post, hope you enjoyed it. I really cherished all these moments, as I run through my life.