For most of our college mates, their journey through the special college life began today, 10th of July 1996.

For me, Yogi and few others the batch started on Aug 16 1996, I still soak with memories of all the happiness I felt on that very first day. It was a great feeling to see how an Engineering College will look like, which was not much different from the school we were used to.

The fact remains I didn’t understand which class we were attending, when I entered the class and started listening. I asked the fellow nearby(who accompanied me in my bench) for which class this is. He told he didn’t know. I thought it was Chemistry and started taking notes. I was asking most curious questions at the same person throughout the period, but he said didn’t know or sometimes didn’t answer. At times I thought this fellow is being a little cruel and doesn’t like me taking place beside him.

At the end of the class (it was the fourth hour), we were breaking for lunch, I asked for notes on the subjects to the same fellow. He told he didn’t have notes himself. Then I asked him his name and told him mine. His name is Yogi, my first friend at college and as I informed earlier into this write-up, he also joined the very same day. He and I became one of the best buddies through college and even now.

We joined Help hostel together, then shifted to a small house within reaching distance of the College. Again shifted rooms. Throughout this journey of College, we gathered more new friends to our room and group as we can say and lost a few, but something about this guy, I couldn’t lose him enough. Or may be he couldn’t lose me.

And finally when we departed away from College, he joined a separate office and I joined AdventNet. Still one of the few friends I kept in touch was Yogi. And then with time he joined AdventNet and worked with me in the same team. We still had great time as we did earlier. Time changed and I left AdventNet, but still I believe we are still in great touch as friends.

One tid-bit came along this weekday which made me write this piece. Yogi turned one more year old this week and his colleagues(few are my buddies too) over at AdventNet were mocking him as 30 years old (Poster pottu prabalapaduthittanga). When I called him to wish as usual, I heard this and immediately burst into laughter. Incidentally I am older than him and I haven’t completed 30 yet (neither did he), but that wasn’t a deterrent for his colleagues in teasing him.

This was one such moments that I wanted to record in my moments of joy and whole-hearted happiness, and this first day celeberation from our College day (10th July 1996), reminded me of those moments we spent together as friends, students, colleagues, roommates, etc.,

Gone are those days, when we were as happy as we can be, without any trouble, without any issues, without any single thing to worry about. Still we garner a hope to become the children we once were.

PS: Yogi is still single and he is one of the most eligible bachelors of our batch. Catch him before the time runs out.

4 thoughts on “Some days are pretty nostalgic”

  1. Hi Jayavasanth,

    We celebrated yoge’s birthday, not because he has completed 30 years, but since he has just stepped in to his 30th year. And i think you would agree with me, if I say he has been on 29 for tooooooooo long 🙂

    And it was real fun to celebrate and sing on his special day. And I tell, he has not changed a bit from what I gather from your college days post.


  2. Everybody hates the year 30. Nobody wants to cross it, be near it or whatever. I believe this is not the same for 40 or 50, but 30 it is something special.

    Once, my doc asked, ‘What is your age ?’, I thought a little bit and replied. He responded, ‘why did you take so long ?’. I replied, ‘I had to calculate’. He then responded saying, ‘yes, after 25, you shouldn’t remember your age, you have to calculate, that way you can be young all the time and not remember you are older’.

    Let him be young for a few more years, as he has a long life to live after all.

  3. Hi,
    this is arun yogi friend and i know u dont know me …u said v teased him but v didnt teased him instead reaminding or even insisting him to get married soon …becoz ….he is pretty old man!!!


  4. Hi Arun,

    If you had seen him in school, college, and now, you wouldn’t say that he is an old man. He still looks the way he was when I first met him in college. And BTW, even the same when he spends time with us. He is one specimen who cannot get old.


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