Here I am with yet another update, seems to me I am doing a lot of updates lately. Need to cut down on this and start increasing the productivity of our company.

And fun things apart, this was a week, which saw a lot of drama in my life. First as always was with my baby girl. She accidentally pulled a chair which her mother was seated on (just as she got up) and hit herself on the fore-head with the chair. This caused a big cut on her eyebrow and had to be stitched. See the facts of life, I didn’t come under the stitching till I was 8 years old. Now, she is not even 4 years old, she underwent a stitch on her fore-head. Life is just like that. It is like all bad luck which had followed me and restricted me from having some serious fun has now started haunting my little kid.

From her birth, each and everyone who had seen her had mentioned how lovely her eyebrow was. Now, part of her eyebrow within the stitched wound won’t grow. See how cruel it is for her at such a young age. Life is just like that. I have always felt, if I gain few feet, I always get dragged down a few feet below. But I have always felt, one hand willing to pull me up. God has never let me down. And I always will carry that hope along. I will also give that hope to my kid. Like I gave her, when she told me that God was not with her when she hit the table in the houseboat we were residing last weekend, I told her that God was with her, that’s why she didn’t get hit in her eye or any other part in the face. I asked her to pray to God to be always with her and make sure the next time she should not fumble, and even if she fumbles a bit, she should not get hit.

God is always with her and me, and I hope he continues to guide us into this dreadful, but interesting journey called Life. Its just funny that when you see persons taking a lot more risk in their life, but always getting away with it. And you, whenever try to get that small risk sneak in, get hit like a thud. Its just that taking such risks (physically) is not up to me or my family. It just haunts us forever. I just pray that let God also be with us and protect us from these risks and guide us to the destiny which he has kept us to fulfill.

That takes me to the next update, about last weekend which we spent with such fun and glory to God. Yes, God made me and my daughter think about him often (and first time together as father & child) during the last weekend. Fun in the sense we spent most of the time travelling, staying in a boathouse, and again travelling to Guruvayoor for my friend’s wedding. It was total fun. It was my schoolmate’s wedding, who I am friends with since Fourth grade. I went with my family (wife & daughter) along with my other relatively newly wed friends. We had a very great time in the houseboat. Got to know about each other a lot better, mainly the new add-ons to our friends circle. My wife was also new, as she hadn’t spent much time with my friends before. Now that they are also married, we would have some more common ground in being total family friends.

About the boathouse, we rented a boathouse with 4 AC/Deluxe rooms, for four families of people for a day. The boat just travelled, roamed over the Alleppey lake and parked for lunch, dinner, night, breakfast etc.,. The on-board chef prepared us the meal as we requested. We even bought some local flavours (fish & prawns) for cooking and enjoyed our stay thoroughly.

Throughout our travel, from Chennai to Alleppey, Alleppey to Guruvayoor (via Thrissur), then back from Guruvayoor to Chennai (via Thrissur), we had a lot of fun, mainly the card games we played cannot be forgotten for a long time to come. Hopefully, everyone of my friends feel the same. And this trip also dawned in a new phase of our relationship with each other. Now a group of friends as boys are turning into family friends. A complex emotional relationship is about to build, and the start was as I would say should be the best in its class.

So more friends are getting married and they would definitely join this big group, one pair is already ready as they got married by this week. Another friend got engaged to his fiance the same day, so he is becoming a pair shortly. After all the marriages, our group of 8 will become a little bit bigger by the end of the year. We might have to get a bigger boathouse by next year if we need to spend a similar happy time.

On that happy note, I end this update, will be back for more, Ciao…..