Love is

Love is this
Love is that
There is nothing which can explain Love
If you need to know the full meaning
Fail in Love you wouldn’t ask again!!


This is a poem I wrote in, way back when I was just a trainee in AdventNet. Still when somebody happens to tumble onto this one, they say, “Did your love met with failure ??, What happened ??” kind of questions. Now, if I just say this was just an opinion, they just don’t get it.

I know about many guys who have gotten into Love and felt a lot of difficulties. I myself felt that Love doesn’t mean anything until you are able to stand on your own legs (support yourself). Now, thinking about supporting another human being will be very tough, when you yourself are not on a firm footing, right !!.

So, to set the record straight, I didn’t fall in love until I met my wife (technically not even the wife-to-be at that time) and that too after having a little talk with her on that eventful day(24th) this month (August), around five years ago (2003). And the above poem was an imaginative note I wrote(way before I even thought I would marry), but I believe every single word of it.

I have always believed that Love brings more pain into your lives. When you fall in love, you have got to worry about a lot more things than you are used to be. That’s why I put in those words. I also believed that may be during Love, you will be blinded with the more joyous occasions, but only when you face a failure, you will recognize how Love should actually be.

I have a lot more stuff similar to this, in one of my college diaries, which were reflection of what I felt during those days to write. I will post these items one by one, whenever time provides itself to me. And a pure disclaimer, I don’t keep a diary to write personal stuff, because I don’t like to be a open book. I prefer to keep my secrets, so whatever I write will all be imaginary and with no relevance to any incidents in my life. There is nothing personal about it.

PS: The last line reads ‘Fail‘ in love and you wouldn’t ask again, and not ‘FALL‘ in love.

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