Timely & Belated – Wishes though for you all

Sing along guys,

We wanna wish you a merry Christmas,
We wanna wish you a merry Christmas,
We wanna wish you a merry Christmas,

and a Happy New year

Lots have been said, lots have been done, lots are about to happen, lots will be done. In this life of lots, time just goes by and it never stops for anything.

Once a wise man told a story of a boy, who happened to cross a beautiful stream, full of natural beauty, grace and enchantedness. He wanted to stop and spend more time basking on its glory, but he had to go far far away on an important job. He failed to stop and he missed all its eternal joy. So its for you to decide, whether to stop and enjoy this moment or to run like you have run always.

I don’t suggest anything, but just say one thing, do whatever your heart tells you to do !!,

Happy New Year 2009 guys,

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