A Story

A saint asked his disciples, ‘Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset?’

Disciples thought for a while, one of them said, ‘Because we lose our calm, we shout for that.’

‘But, why to shout when the other person is just next to you?’ asked the saint.

‘Isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person when you’re angry?’

Disciples gave some other answers but none satisfied the saint.

Finally he explained, ‘When two people are angry at each other, their hearts distance a lot. To cover that distance they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, the stronger they will have to shout to hear each other through that great distance.’

Then the saint asked, ‘What happens when two people fall in love? They don’t shout at each other but talk softly, why? Because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is very small…’

The saint continued, ‘When they love each other even more, what happens? They do not speak, only whisper and they get even closer to each other in their love. Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that’s all. That is how close two people are when they
love each other.’

No copyright on the above text, it’s a copy from a random blog, which was already a copy from somewhere else.

But I do feel the fact when I am with my family. Whenever I shout, I feel that much distant and see that they are not close enough to hear my inner feelings. Whether I express the exact thing they need to feel, I don’t know ??, but when I shout there is a kind of feeling inside of you which satisfies your inner-self, that you have conveyed yourself.

Sometimes after shouting some really harsh words, if I get back and re-think if I had said something wrong. Most of the time, my heart will say you have done wrong, but my ego will say, you had to yell at that time. Most of the times, the ego wins, sometimes my heart will feel sorry and try to be nicer to the others in a very polite way.

I believe lot of people would have felt the same. That’s a fact of life and the more we mature the less capable we become of distancing others from our own personal life.

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