This is like that small wish where I want to get the Aladdin’s lamp and that’s it, I don’t need anything else kinda stuff. So if you are offended by such senti, buzz off. If you do want in, may be what I wish for is not for you (not yet for sure).

Wish, eventhough small, always provides a kinda of feeling inwhich we believe we will get it eventually. Sometimes our wishes are out of the world (like Aladdin’s lamp) which are sure not in that list. But sometimes we feel what about if it happens and we are thrown out of gear. It is unusual, against the grain, against our belief, against everything we consider default (in &*#% terms). But I have a fantasy which is right out of the Star Trek world. Where earth as we know it has reached a consistency, equality. Everyone living in earth studies, works, treks and does everything equally without discrimination. There is no inner-fighting among us (humans in StarTrek universe) and all are friends, brothers, sisters, relatives. More concisely ‘pal’s. The inner demons like jealousy, superiority, inferiority (source: the 7 deadly sins) is gone.

I would love to attain that kind of a world, universe going forward. Let the new year show us some hope of achieving such future, that will be very heartening. Its not easy and we have a long way to go. But we all have to yearn for it to become reality. Its always been like that, everybody has to contribute. To not have jealousy is not one person’s job, that has to be in the hearts of everyone.

With that hope, I wish we have a fantabulous look at the future with a great new year 2010.

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