I am a person who believes in destiny, potential, paybacks and freakier things than I am about to discuss. Each and every person has a purpose in life. Whether he/she has a purpose or not is for the individual to decide, but I do believe when they trust it, they just are one more step closer to achieving it.

Why is it necessary to reach your Potential?

I have always felt someone who has potential as we see it, but, don’t use it as a bigger sinner than the one who tries and fails. Maybe the person doesn’t know or understand his/her potential. In that case, if we don’t assist him/her in the pursuit then, we are the ones who have sinned. I am perennially worried about a Sloth, who knows what to do, but doesn’t do it. And make sure that I am not doing the same.

My Potential

Each and every individual is bestowed upon with some gifts, which can push them towards a goal. Some believe in it, others don’t. I believe I am destined to doing what I do, being a software professional. Thinking, visualizing, designing, planning and implementing stuff in software. And also helping others do the same.

This thought got to me when I first started studying about computers, did some random BASIC programming at a very small age (believe I was doing 7th or 8th grade at that time). I dropped off Biological Sciences major for my Higher Secondary (this determines whether I get into Medical Sciences or others) and took upon Computer Sciences as one of my majors. This and several other steps got me into further footing towards Software.

I couldn’t get into Software Engineering directly, but got into a specialization (Electronics & Communication) which is too close to that. I wanted to get into software as soon as I can, so I never had a thought of higher education once I completed graduation. My father had suggested I study as much as I could when he is still working, but I wanted a real job, to learn as I work. Got a job in AdventNet (now called Zoho Corp) on campus recruitment and never turned back ever since.

How have I performed?

Ten year since graduation, do I ever think I have reached my full potential? No, never. It’s similar to a feeling when I rode my first bike; I never used its full potential, as I never used to provide it the Full Throttle. Still feel I sold that bike without realizing its full potential (after a few accidents by yours truly, of course). I still have the same feeling about myself, am I giving myself the FULL THROTTLE, am I reaching my full potential ?

What is preventing me from using my Full Potential?

May be it’s a kind of pacing in my life. I most often feel that I am reaching a barrier or a period where I cross a milestone. This is like when a Jet gets Supersonic, the jet seems to face a big barrier just as it breaks the sound-barrier. I have felt such stages in life many a time. So I know when I reach one nowadays. Sometimes it is not as difficult as it looks, and sometimes it is even more than what I assess. Nevertheless, GOD who has paced my entire life has given me the ability or understanding what needs to be done, just at the right moment. May be it’s His will which lets me learn as I grow. This shows my irrational belief in Destiny. I always feel these barriers actually are preparing me for a bigger task.

When will I know if I am finished?

I probably would never know. This will be the same for most of us. This is why the barriers are good, which let us provide the instant gratification we need for a longer journey we are making. Just as life, it is the journey which makes you happier than the Destiny.