I saw that previously DNS Gurus tried to sell *.porn websites to all porn businesses, which will make it easier for,

  1. Parental Control of Porn sites (using firewall, net nanny or whatever)
  2. Provide Adult Content filtering on the ISP level similar to Adult content filtering in Cable/DTH transmissions,

But the websites were worried about losing business and thus this remained unabashedly public on every system connected with the internet.

Disclaimer: I am not questioning the decision or going to be worried about the content in the public stream. I always want the internet to be open and free to publish whatever wherever you want it to be published.

But the fact remains with the advent of phishing and almost any kind of mode to get the customers to part away with their Internet Banking credentials, why not provide a *.bank domain names for only legit banks to run their Internet Banking Portals. I am not talking about the banking websites, but just targeting the internet banking portals which allow trusted digital transactions of enormous proportions.

DNS Gurus can also sell all the functionality as a package and offer a subscription service to these domains with SSL certificates and so on and so forth. Why is this still not done and not worried about ?

I strongly believe such simple decisions can get rid of lots of trust issues which hover around internet as a whole. Let us start this as a small token petition and let us fix this up at the level which needs to be fixed and not at the level where even seasoned technicians fail (preventing phising).

Update: As in latest news, the *.xxx domain is still in contention, but there is still no debate or any other discussion regarding *.bank domain – ICANN backs off from XXX Domain Vote