Definitely, adorable. Even when you can’t hear a single word she spoke, because the amplifier got haywire. The thing in enjoying this moment is just that, enjoying that moment. Finally, I got to enjoy that moment fully, as I had gotten rid of the cameras I used to carry for the first time.

Earlier I simply had to carry a Video Cam, Digi Cam, spare batteries for both and always on the lookout for what will go wrong, who will block my view, will the tape be nice, etc., Sure it is nice to have a copy of the video for a lot of remembrance. But, still this should not be at the cost of enjoying the live moment of what was happening. This was not thrust upon me by anybody, but myself. I had an obligation to show our very close relatives how she did on stage, time and again. But, today my wife gave me a reprieve. She said, “we will buy the video which the school was shooting” (earlier it certainly was not the case).

This was certainly a relief for me. It also was a relief for most of the crowd, who used to come in front of everybody to take that good shot of their kid performing. Kudos to Sacred Heart Matric. Higher Sec. School (Church Park) to make sure there is a video (& still photos) shot by professional camera men. We really had a great time.

Junia was tremendous, but I personally liked the story sung by Maiden & the cunning Soldier. This was sure funny, and the performances were also hilarious. And also was great the story of a Jealous Husband & the equally cunning wife.

It was great to see the kids perform, and it was fun after an abnormal early day (atleast for me).

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