Lots have been written about Indian Education System and how it is churning out graduates and post-graduates like a chugging machine with relentless volume. There have been many comments that the education imparted on these institutions are not parallel to what the industry wants.

I would almost second that opinion. But certainly the Education System has put in place all that is necessary to gain talent which are required by the graduate or the post-graduate. As a functioning system, there are places which are ignored which ultimately ends in the students getting just a degree and not been imparted the knowledge to get going in the industry. That’s why we can say that most of our students look forward to the campus interview & a job in the industry rather than creating a new firm to produce something new.

It also points to the way the Graduate & Post-Graduate Research Projects are conceived, created and documented. If we watch the exact practice of all these efforts, we might learn that the real essence for which the Research Projects are meant has been systematically destroyed. And has been carried out for namesake. The industry as well is a culprit in this case. Let us check how many in the industry aid the students to do a meaningful Research Project for a company which creates a Win-Win situation for both the company and the graduate. The graduate produces something tangible for the company, as well as learns a lot while doing the project. The bonus for both the company & the graduate is filling a vacant job opening in the company.

Nowadays, recruitment of a fresher is just like asking which degree you have completed and what grades have you scored and then sending him up to a training programme which imparts the necessary knowledge. Is this how a candidate can be nurtured to become a professional. I don’t think so!

My assumption the System though theoretically flawless, is practically awful execution. Everybody knows the ideas are for a dime a dozen, but execution is key. We are faltering at this execution.

I would prefer our prestigious institutes to encourage Research Projects, Industry Collaboration and take our students to the next-level. The graduates should take a project which permits their 1 month allocation, not some bizarre research that could take years or Eons to complete. Similarly the post-graduates a pragmatic 6 month project which is relevant to their major in their curriculum. And for real research we do have our M.Phil & PhD candidates.

Industry should also nurture young graduate projects both within and outside the firm. The institute has to value the contribution of the student for the grade. The students have to create, produce value which could be used, this in turn will increase their grades. There are hundreds, thousands & millions of problems to be solved and our students have a right to explore these problems to produce results.

For this to happen, our system has to make sure that it provides the students freedom to pursue their goals. Its always the young which carry the nation & the world, the old are just there to guide the young ones.

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