I have been mulling about this blog post for most of my educated life, at least after I became a voting citizen. I as a citizen am not convinced in the system working to the betterment of the people. There needs to be some tough decisions taken to prevent favoritism, partiality, corruption, & generally accountability of the governance done by people elected to their respective post.

The representatives of people are should be aware of the people’s mandate throughout their tenure and they need to know that their whole political career can be ousted with one small mistake. Such should be the process such that we make sure valuable people are elected and even if there is a mistake done by the electoral mandate, the people have the power to oust and re-elect the representatives.

First of all I am sick of the Party-Politics which has grown like a weed throughout the nation. Party politics encourages politicians to involve in favoritist, partial agendas with divisive goals such as religious, casteist, economic & other such nuisances. Governance never is associated with any such agenda and hence, propaganda as well as divisive policies such as minority benefits, casteist benefits, poverty based benefits shall be wiped out. The party-politics also manages to creep out Vote-Bank politics among parties such that they specifically indulge in pleasing a particular sect of people to garner votes. The governance should dictate benefits to all people equally, and shall not provide anything more or anything less based on religion, caste or the ability to earn.

Solution: Remove parties from the politics. The representative members of the people shall be elected in respective Wards, Constituencies (legislative & parliamentary) based on the work done by the representatives in the region and not based on being a member of a party.

The next problem is credibility. Currently the nominees available in the electoral race have never been judged based on a qualification. I propose a qualification for each and every post a candidate can get elected for. My proposal is to turn politics to a career choice one can make on the day they want to be a politician. I would love our politicians to do the hard work a guy has to do to become a normal labour/employee in a company to becoming the CEO of the company. As the current establishment is obsessed that there need not be any qualification based on the literacy of the candidate, that might not be needed. The only needed qualification is,

1. You need to serve your ward as an elected representative at least twice to contest to become a legislative representative.
2. You need to serve as a legislative rep. at least twice to become a parliamentary representative or a minister in the legislative cabinet.
3. You need to serve as a parliamentary rep. at least twice to become a candidate for becoming a union minister of state and so on.

Ministerial posts for the legislative assembly and parliamentary cabinet both will have more advanced qualifications based on the specific port-folio for which you will contest for.

And no a Prime Minister cannot be elected by the parliamentarians. He needs to contest as a Prime Ministerial candidate and should have been a Union Minister twice before being eligible as a Prime Ministerial Candidate. The people will elect their Prime Minister themselves directly. The ability for the people to recall an elected candidate also involves the Prime Minister. A similar qualification also applies for a Chief Ministerial candidate who gets elected to lead the state.

All above representatives can be called back anytime with a special mandate from the people. The Election Commission will be sole authority of the accountability of a candidate along with Supreme Court. Any PIL involving accountability of an elected candidate should be heard of and judged within a month the appeal is made. This will be the responsibility of the Election Commission & Supreme Court. We can also incorporate a People Representative Commission to look into allegations arising from people.

The final revolutionary change is that the armed forces, Police, Investigative Agencies such as CBI, Crime Branch & NIA all will come under a different authority and no people representative will be able to have a say on their actions. These bodies will function independently under their own leadership to achieve the goals common to the country whether Internal Security, External Security, Crime Investigation or Terror Investigation & Strike Forces.

The goal behind removing all special subsidies for specific sects of groups (religious, communal or otherwise) is not to devoid them of the benefits, but to assure that the benefits reach all the people not just a few. The Free Education & PDS which are one of the major contributions of the Government with subsidies shall be available for all people rather than only a few with need for care. This avoids favoritism and partiality which could be exploited.

Free Education is one of the best things which needs to be set always to be Free for everyone. The best asset you can provide for an individual is always education which can help him in times like no other. Education provides the people with opportunities which can assist in development of each and every deprived communities.

All the above suggestions on the current system doesn’t mean that you need not vote or elect people in the current system. Voting is your duty, whether you have satisfaction in your choice or not, you should vote or make your vote count. It is not the decision which you will regret later, but the state of indecision will definitely haunt you. Because inaction is never an option. I have voted this time around too, but am always on the hope that the current system changes to be a fair one.

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