Most of us have a simple rule to believe what we see, not a bad idea at all! But some of us have a notion that there is a bigger force in the world which controls everything. For those of us who believe in such a superior being, it is not very difficult to perceive things in the spiritual manner and see miracles. But for those of us who don’t believe in superior power, the miracles are damn co-incidences.

For some of us atleast there is always a moral dilemma to belong to both the sects. They are non-believers but don’t want to accept that everything happens for a damn reason as well. They want to believe man as well as God so they just follow what their perception tells them to believe.

Now, I would like to just narrate an incident which happened in my life and want those of you who read just make your own conclusions about a superior being or God. 

One fine day, just like any other day, I started on bike (by bike I mean a 2 wheeled automobile) to go to the office. From when I started to ride on the bike I have always had the helmet along. I also had a bad habit, once I leave door, I don’t return to get something I forgot in the first attempt. That day I had forgot the helmet, and didn’t return to get it.

For those of you who know Velachery main road, Chennai, India – you would know that it has a by-pass road from Guru Nanak College to the Vijaya Nagar Bus Stand. This was the period when the by-pass road was not fully complete and didn’t have a median to prevent opposing vehicles coming in your way. 

So as I was travelling, I was preoccupied with what I was going to do after reaching office and suddenly I felt like something hit my head, nothing solid actually hit me, but just felt like it. On that fraction of a second, when I came to my senses, I saw a Lorry coming opposite of me and at a very timely cut I made on my bike to survive not being hit by the Lorry. 

I just felt “What the Heck?”, and just went on to the office as usual, but some thought was lingering through my mind about what just happened in the travel between my home and office. I realized that this was my third in the course of a few weeks, as I similarly survived those events as well. Once I was returning home at the wee hours and once as similar to coming towards office.

I blamed myself for the incident, blaming my careless and reckless driving and started to ride it slow. Being a little bit careful on the road certainly helped, as I didn’t have any close calls for about a week.

I considered myself very lucky to survive such close shaves and began again to concentrate on my work. One day I left pretty late from office, hence I was very late when starting to work the next morning, it was around 11:15 to 11:30 AM when I started to work. I had left something hanging the previous night and wanted to close it down the next morning and I also had some fresh ideas during my shower to implement. 

Obviously, I prevented taking the by-pass road route after the previous close shave and took the road via Raja Kalyana Mandapam instead. It was around 11:30-11:45 AM so the road was practically empty, with my enthusiasm, I just hit 50-55 or 60 Kph on that road and was rushing towards office. 

Suddenly a parked vehicle near a Timber Mart (a small truck), carrying timber decided to do a U-turn on the stretch where the road was real narrow. I saw the vehicle at around 20 feet before, but couldn’t move away either side of that vehicle which had almost covered almost all of the road in a few seconds. I started applying the brakes the second I saw the vehicle, but the momentum on my vehicle was not letting my bike stop. I just screamed, which actually made the matters worse as the driver of the truck was frozen seeing my vehicle.

I thought I had only two options, twist the handle and if the bike skids and falls, go and get stuck below the truck or go straight-ahead and hope the brakes stop the bike right on time. 

I chose the later, but to my horror the brakes just didn’t work, I was carrying a lot of momentum. The next time I remember, is that was down on one side, the bike fell on the other side (glad it didn’t fall on me). I just woke up, with help right beside me (people from surroundings had helped), I was trembling, asked someone to call home and inform my parents (giving them my mobile after dialing my father). 

Then on second thoughts (I didn’t want to startle my parents from someone else talking on my behalf to not let them imagine anything wildly), got the mobile and talked to my father. The people nearby immediately admitted me to the nearby trauma care clinic (Jaya Hospital, I don’t believe it is still around). After reaching the clinic, I again called my father to assure him that I am ok and asked him to reach there after being very calm. I called my buddies from work (most of them my college mates as well), to get to me for some help. 

It was a head-on collision with the side of the truck, which was carrying timber (only a few, it was not overloaded). But it was a high-speed (45-50Kph) collision nonetheless. 
How did I survive this and am writing this right-now is the miracle I believe.

When I started for work that day, just like the other day I forgot the helmet inside home. But, against my habit – I stopped returned and got my helmet and then started on the journey. And I survived this accident only because of my helmet. I didn’t even have concussion in this accident and I was up on my feet immediately, I had a broken wrist on my left hand and some facial injuries (minor). 

If I hadn’t worn the helmet, I would have definitely died on the spot, because of various reasons that you can imagine. Till today, and maybe towards eternity I will feel 3 things,

1. Why did I survive the 3 close shaves before?

2. Why did I return to get my helmet that day?
3. How after all those warnings I was still reckless in my driving?

But all those questions actually don’t matter big when I see the changes this event has created in me. I will just list a few below,

1. I never drive without helmet anywhere now. Earlier I wasn’t very strict on this, I believe? For example, I will travel without helmet to the movies.

2. I have gotten rid of the bad-habit of not stopping for important things even if I had forgotten them from home (or anywhere else)
3. I used to think that life is all about work and how much we produce to reach what we are aiming for. I still do that, but I don’t sacrifice the life journey for work and cultivate time to enjoy the life’s smaller moments.
4. I used to have a lot of worries, about my work, what I have to do and everything, now I just do what I am supposed to do and submit everything else to God.
5. I never do reckless driving, more so if I have someone riding with me. When I get the urge to speed, just speak to myself to get calm.

Miracles are not when big things happen to you, your family or your friends. Miracles are the small things that keep you ticking and lets you do what you are here for.