Its easier said than done. I am trying, maybe because I want to create the change from within myself to those around me. When you say you want to go up, you need to say that I have to increase my worth so much that there is no other way than UP.
But most of the time this isn’t what we see. What we see is that others are growing, and this somewhat pushes us down. The fact of the matter is we look up to someone from the Top to pull us up. This type of attitude is always wrong. When you want to go UP, you have to raise UP, otherwise there is nobody who is going to give you the respect you deserve.
Yes, you deserve respect, not PITY. You will be pulled up only if you get PITY. If you raise up, everyone says that you deserve this and that provides respect.
So how to raise up, can the government policy get me up. NO, NEVER. A Government is there to manage things. For them to easily manage anything, they need to have a steady state. That is stable income from direct & in-direct taxes. Stable economy, which grows at a steady rate, like inflation, gdp everything needs to be predictable to be easily manageable. 
Because of this, they tend to build policies which doesn’t disrupt anything majorly. Like the population of poor is not allowed to grow or diminish – which will damage the vote bank politics. Similarly, the growth of middle class is also never let go to get out of hand, thus managing a fragile balance of eco-system where there is a steady supply of labour, employees, as well as those who survive from them. 
Always there are sharks, but no small player is easily allowed to become a Shark. The ecosystem disruption cannot be tolerated. For example, if everyone can survive owning a Business, won’t everyone get out of balance and work for themselves. This isn’t inherently bad, because we live in and are in need such an ecosystem to cherish mutually. 
Now if this is pre-programmed, how can I become the one I want to be rather than languishing where I belong. Now, that is the question to ask!
If you want to lift yourself, you need to give yourselves the push to cross all these hurdles, ie., the government, your fellow status-quo-guys, the norm guys (something which is acceptable in the society – Normal). And basically keep these things as far away as possible and work single-mindedly to achieve your goal.
Only if you want to make the revolutionary change in your life, will you be able to raise above all odds and crack it. I have found it time and again that if you don’t raise up to those challenges to create that revolutionary change, you will never raise UP, never really.
The normal definition to be successful is to feel secure, that if you die at this very moment your loved ones are taken care for – even as you are not here.
For me, to be successful is to create atleast one human being who was working with you or along you to that normal definition of success. If not, my friend, if not, then you have failed this miserable life.