Collaboration V/S Competition, Do you think with Competition you can add value or with Collaboration.

One of my colleagues always had the idea of Competition. He would pit two developers on the same idea/feature or two QA Engineers in opposite ideologies of testing. The result, hurried up botched up product with bugs galore. QA Guys if you let them compete, the bugs will be more. Human Psychology.

My ideas were quiet the opposite, I would team up developers or QA Engineers to work for the betterment of the feature or the product. Insights which can be learnt only with a 3rd perspective or perception can only be had if you have a fresh eyes seeing the issue.

If it is a collaborative environment the issues are encouraged and they both come up with the solution.

If Competition was nurtured, the issues if found were hidden, never a solution thought out. If the issue was on the opposite side’s ownership, only the finger pointing remained. Nothing productive came out of it.

When there was a collaborative environment, failure is accepted – there is no reason to be afraid of failure. But identifying the reason for failure and researching a solution which should be paramount, was easily there.

When such is the case, I wonder why everyone fails to see the advantages of Collaboration and embrace Competition with open arms. The reason I call is FEAR. Everyone fears the change in status quo until it is absolutely necessary. That influence on the status quo increases FEAR to a whole new level.

Be Fearless, because the other side of the Fear is Victory!! Collaborate your hearts out, we are going to spend a meager amount of time in this world, remove FEAR and HATE from your mind. Embrace Collaboration!!