The White within the Darkness & the Black within the Light. Most humans tend to notice just the opposite of what is to be noticed. Consider a White Sheet with a Black Dot in it. Human tendency is to notice the Black Dot instead of all the white surrounding it. But when you carry a Black Paper with a small White Dot in in. The Human tendency is to notice the Blackness surrounding the white dot instead of the white in the middle. It is easy to say that we only need to notice the whiteness, but to practice it in real life, now that is what is called difficult.

Any human being, they are tuned towards seeing the negativeness surrounding them. They are tuned to find out the mistakes other human beings are making. They are tuned to identify small small things which overwhelm them mentally and physically. The world of perfection remains only in the human mind. All the scholars, all the geniuses have mentioned that there is no perfection in the world. There is only imperfection which is adorable to the extent of perfection. 

The Gods have told us, there is no one perfect. 

King Solomon was given the wealth of a thousand kings. He had 1000s of wives and concubines. Still he erred, he went against God. King Solomon was not perfect. 

David for all his anguishes he experienced, all tribulations he underwent, all the tortures, hunger, he suffered. He still remained the twinkle in the God’s eye. Even when he sinned one of the most hated sins of all, putting his desire on another one’s wife. He sinned to get her into his chambers, he enabled killing of her husband in the battlefield. David sinned, and was not perfect.

Perfection is not expected of Men. It is an act solely reserved for God. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t see the Light surrounded by Darkness or the Light which surrounds the smallest of the Darkness. The perfect way to look at it is identify and embrace the light. Garner Hope. Fight injustice in the glimmer of the Light at the end of the tunnel. The imperfect way is to accept that we are not all Gods, we are humans after all. We err, we sin. That is our way of life.

One way you can actually change the imperfect way, the only way. It is by following The Way, The Truth & The Life – the Lord Jesus Christ. He gives you the strength to Look into the darkness in your life to see there is still Hope. There is still Light. It is not over yet. Just another small step, just another stretch, just another week, just another month, just another year. He is there to guide you. And also when you have all things great, he will guide you to focus on the rights more than wrongs, focus on the plenty which has been received, the bounty which you are enjoying, the goodness of your heart, the generosity of others. He is The Way, The Truth & The Life – He will guide you!