Do you know Why Fathers are Heroes?

They go to any lengths to express their unconditional Love to their kids.

Every son/daughter has a story which will melt a rigid stone to tears about Father.

Fathers are unique, they don’t show us their vulnerability – you always have a knack of thinking about doing something under the radar of your mother (but you can’t – that’s another story). But with Father you have a sense he will find out, Mother shields you a lot – but to a Father, even if he finds out – he never shows you that you have been found out. He just forgives you without any prejudice. He does punishes you, but you will never hear from him that again. Father is that good.

We have a notion of them being Super Heroes, they are that force who can save you from anything. You will never know what that kind of Reliability in a person does to a child. It empowers him/her to be anything he/she wants to be.

But as all Humans, Fathers are also vulnerable – they are not Super Heroes – they are not an unstoppable force – they are stopped. When that happens and our illusion Dies, we get even more respect for the things he did for us being the human he is.

And as always, there is a time for us to be men/women from the boys/girls we were – there is time for our Father to leave us – we become inconsolable for a while, but we forge on the strengths that have built by our Fathers on us.

Everyday is a Father’s day! Mother carries us for 9 months on her womb, covers for us – but Father shows us the way by carrying us almost for the rest of his life. He doesn’t even Flinch.

To Fathers!