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    The White – Light Everywhere V/S The Black – Darkness Everywhere

    The White within the Darkness & the Black within the Light. Most humans tend to notice just the opposite of what is to be noticed. Consider a White Sheet with a Black Dot in it. Human tendency is to notice the Black Dot instead of all the white surrounding it. But when you carry a Black Paper with a small White Dot in in. The Human tendency is to notice the Blackness surrounding the white dot instead of the white in the middle. It is easy to say that we only need to notice the whiteness, but to practice it in real life, now that is what is called difficult.…

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    Collaboration V/S Competition

    Collaboration V/S Competition, Do you think with Competition you can add value or with Collaboration. One of my colleagues always had the idea of Competition. He would pit two developers on the same idea/feature or two QA Engineers in opposite ideologies of testing. The result, hurried up botched up product with bugs galore. QA Guys if you let them compete, the bugs will be more. Human Psychology.My ideas were quiet the opposite, I would team up developers or QA Engineers to work for the betterment of the feature or the product. Insights which can be learnt only with a 3rd perspective or perception can only be had if you have…

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    Campus Selection & What should be your Goal in Choosing a Company

    Seen interview candidates (on campus selection) obsessed with Big Brand companies and huge salary packages. There are some colleges who are placing Qualified Engineers inside BPOs because of the same reason. While I am not against getting placed in BPOs, it should be an informed choice. If an Engineering graduate thinks he/she is entitled to a huge salary package just because he/she has completed Engineering Graduation, they are going to face a huge shock when they enter the job market. The big token companies can run experiments on new joinees to get the Cream Crop and cull them as and when they please. The BPOs have a different business model, when…

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    How to Approach Life & Win it!

    Its easier said than done. I am trying, maybe because I want to create the change from within myself to those around me. When you say you want to go up, you need to say that I have to increase my worth so much that there is no other way than UP. But most of the time this isn’t what we see. What we see is that others are growing, and this somewhat pushes us down. The fact of the matter is we look up to someone from the Top to pull us up. This type of attitude is always wrong. When you want to go UP, you have to…

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    Are there Miracles happening in this World ?

    Most of us have a simple rule to believe what we see, not a bad idea at all! But some of us have a notion that there is a bigger force in the world which controls everything. For those of us who believe in such a superior being, it is not very difficult to perceive things in the spiritual manner and see miracles. But for those of us who don’t believe in superior power, the miracles are damn co-incidences.For some of us atleast there is always a moral dilemma to belong to both the sects. They are non-believers but don’t want to accept that everything happens for a damn reason…

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    Journey or Destination ?

    I have always believed Journey should be enjoyed rather than waiting for the Destination. In my belief, Journey is the Life and Destination is whatever is in store for us After Life. Lately I have been mulling each and every aspect of our life is a journey & a destination in itself. For example, take Education – for most of us Graduation is kind of the destination of the journey we call schooling. So it becomes inevitable that we have to enjoy schooling rather than just focus on graduation. Thus, we will be able to enjoy one of the most fruitful time in our lifetime, our childhood, adolescence and youth.…

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    Is Fasting Necessary to Fight Corruption

    I was having a sick day following all these Fasting Protests by very educated & well-intentioned leaders of this great nation so I started a thread of Twitter posts which stated my anguish in these scenarios. The following is an extended version of that anguish. Is Fasting truly necessary to fight corruption, won’t refusal to pay bribe & discouraging corrupt practices in our day-to-day life be a more relevant revolution. I would certainly recommend those who are fasting to fight corruption to form a “People Vigilance Cell” and monitor all govt. & private organizations for bribing & corrupt practices & publish them in the media. Be a Corruption Watchdog instead of…

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    Life & Work – Are they Separate ?

    “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do ‘great work’ is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle”– Steve Jobs in http://www.ted.com/talks/steve_jobs_how_to_live_before_you_die.htmlSo True.

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    Perfectionism & Being Perfect

    I have been intrigued by perfectionism. I have heard people say that I am wasting a lot of resources on getting perfect. Why do you follow perfectionism.Read a passage recently which mentioned the obsessive efforts put in by Stanley Kubrick for each of his films. He was obsessed with every frame of his picture that he was forced to take lot of effort from his actors to make the take perfect. This ended up getting a lot of takes out of his cast. Which means a lot of work! I believe in this efforts striving for perfectionism, even if there was a continuity error, the cast would have been forced…

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    Tolerant People of India

    Indians may be the most tolerant people in the entire world. I am being mentioned there are still villages in Indian country where there is still no electricity while our luxurious few waste it in ravishing excesses. But this post is not about luxury. The luxury of electricity is possible because these people have grown in their efforts and their lifestyle demands such luxury. They totally deserve it. This post is about the governance of such resources who don’t plan for these growth in demands, but still play with the electricity needs of the people who are more helpless (or more tolerant) than the elite. Since election our house and…