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    Can Bribing be Curbed by Punishing the Bribe Taker Alone ?

    Consider this option which is being hotly debated by none other than the Chief Economic Adviser for the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Kaushik Basu, http://finmin.nic.in/WorkingPaper/Act_Giving_Bribe_Legal.pdf . Read the above paper to enlighten yourself. The gist of the paper is this. A few type of bribes such as giving bribe to fulfill a duty of a government official. For example, a government official accepting bribes to issue Driving License or Community Certificate, even though it is his duty to perform that job. These types of Bribes are called as Harassment Bribes, where the public is harassed to get what is rightfully theirs. There are lot of instances of such bribes. The paper…

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    Politics & Governance

    I have been mulling about this blog post for most of my educated life, at least after I became a voting citizen. I as a citizen am not convinced in the system working to the betterment of the people. There needs to be some tough decisions taken to prevent favoritism, partiality, corruption, & generally accountability of the governance done by people elected to their respective post. The representatives of people are should be aware of the people’s mandate throughout their tenure and they need to know that their whole political career can be ousted with one small mistake. Such should be the process such that we make sure valuable people are elected and…

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    Indian Education System & Professionals

    Lots have been written about Indian Education System and how it is churning out graduates and post-graduates like a chugging machine with relentless volume. There have been many comments that the education imparted on these institutions are not parallel to what the industry wants. I would almost second that opinion. But certainly the Education System has put in place all that is necessary to gain talent which are required by the graduate or the post-graduate. As a functioning system, there are places which are ignored which ultimately ends in the students getting just a degree and not been imparted the knowledge to get going in the industry. That’s why we…

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    The Indian World Cup Triumph!

    Funny how great things get, I believe the feeling hasn’t sunk in yet in me. It was just another day, just another match. I felt goosebumps when India were chasing and Sachin got out. But, still I just hung in there for completion of the match. I didn’t move a lot because of the worry that a wicket might fall. It did fall when something changed, Kohli got out. But after that nothing mattered till the winning runs were scored. I made sure nothing changed. It still hasn’t sunk in. We have seen 1983 images throughout our life-time, that happened when I would have been 4 years old. I have…

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    Google’s Way or The High Way

    Google is a very powerful organization. Google is working as the initial source of organic as well as marketed entry point for most of the websites. Google was, is and will use this power to its benefit as well as for the benefit for the millions of websites available in the Internet. Boy even I have visited a website only after searching it via Google rather than remembering the website name (Its been cumbersome to sometimes remember the website domain names, since there are so many). Google still has the power to remove one of the websites from its indexes, throwing all traffic which was generated to this website ‘kaput’.…

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    Need not Fear the Cloud

    There is a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) being published on cloud. But as truth goes, its as secure as any other Server put on in the Internet. We have been securing data centers for decades now, hence, to doubt or fear with regards to security of another group of Servers on the Cloud is definitely uncalled for. This doesn’t mean if you put a Server on the cloud, there is nothing to worry about it. This does mean that you have to take the exact same precautions as you would do if you put one of your systems inside your internal network to be connected from anywhere across the internet.…

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    Season’s Greetings

    Christmas is one of the joyous occasions, which deliberates every person to spread their cheer across to the other. With this day, let us share the cheer we all have unto others. As you know happiness grows (multiplies) when shared, and sorrow reduces beyond recognition. Thank God who has let us worth to enjoy this wonderful day, family, friends and do share the sheer joy of being Alive. Season’s greetings my friends,

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    Know when to Teach & when to Coach

    What’s the difference I say ? This is the difference, http://www.cricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/458649.html Teaching is informing the student about a fact and making him learn the fact. Coaching is letting him figure out what could be it ! When you teach, you actually list out what is known. For example, we tell the student that there is one Sun and 9(err, may be less) planets in the Solar system. Coaching is providing a few facts and letting him figure out how such facts were arrived at and what was the reasoning. Really, only if a student carries out a practical chemical experiment does he now that Iron when exposed to atmosphere rusts because…

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    Teaching Children is Education for the Parents

    I have noticed that India is the only country which treats son/daughter as children even after they have grown up, got married and have children of their own. We as parents think it is necessary to support our offspring till the ability of us to do so. This inculcates a sense of dependency on the offspring which is often very difficult when they are unable to take care of themselves. Parents are the ones creating such situation by providing all the support they can give. So in a sense letting go the children to grow up on their own and make their own destiny as done in most other countries…

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    Its Adorable when you see your Little one on stage!

    Definitely, adorable. Even when you can’t hear a single word she spoke, because the amplifier got haywire. The thing in enjoying this moment is just that, enjoying that moment. Finally, I got to enjoy that moment fully, as I had gotten rid of the cameras I used to carry for the first time. Earlier I simply had to carry a Video Cam, Digi Cam, spare batteries for both and always on the lookout for what will go wrong, who will block my view, will the tape be nice, etc., Sure it is nice to have a copy of the video for a lot of remembrance. But, still this should not be…