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    After a long gap, some updates. Its been very long after I blogged last. Yes, more than two months. This has been real hectic with lots of stuff going on parallel. I have just listed a few for a quick tid-bit. I – any post without mentioning my girl first is insane: Finally, my girl has found a school to start her schooling from the KGs. She got her application approved at a few schools, but she is joining the Sacred Heart Matric. Hr. Sec. School in Church Park for her KGs. The first year’s fees have been paid and she has also provided the measurements for her uniform. Most…

  • 2008,  New Year

    A wishes for the New Year 2008

    Days have gone-by,So-fast, that we are almost stranded where we don’t want to be,We want to run longer, we want to stay longerBut as time doesn’t wait, it all goes-byThe fact that we stayed and enjoyed a few moments that wentWe still can say, Bye to one of the greatest years that passed,And say Hello to the new one coming up. My wishes to all is, Have a great New year 2008, with tonnes of joy, cheer, freedom, and hope for another great year, Happy New Year 2008

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    Latest updates

    After an eventful November and the first week of December, looking forward for more eventful course of the current month. November – what happened ? 1. Wedding anniversary (Mine & My parents).2. Shopping for wedding anniversary.3. First Year in memory of my Grandfather (father of my father)4. Wedding in family5. One of my close friend’s birthday.6. A short visit from my friend from B’lore,etc… Enjoyzzzzzzzz continued as, December – what happened till now ? 1. Mother’s birthday2. my friend’s engagement.3. my viral fever, just before my birthday4. my birthday5. my Uncle’s birthday (mother’s brother) December – what is to happen till ? 1. my in-law’s wedding anniversary (wife’s parents)2. More…

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    New News, New Updates

    Like always, Chennai is getting drenched with Monsoon rains, and I am getting drenched in work. So for the past one week, I didn’t spend a day without riding my bike through the rain. Its kind of fun though, when it is this much repetitive, can become a little bit worrisome. That too riding in the rain with all vehicles coming at you with High Beam on, could make you worry a lot. Recent updates, 1. Working on a couple of Christmas skit for our Church.2. Some work on performance optimizations.3. Conference calls for some custom usage of the product. 4. Overall team building efforts, and you name any one…

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    Life Journey Update

    Actually there are a lot of things to update, 1. My baby girl has started going to Pre-School.2. My Company is doing great, and is on path to becoming a 100 million dollar company.3. My Friends (school friends as well as college friends) are about to get married (finally). Yes they are all boys.4. I am still the same irresponsible fellow at home. etc., and etc., First about my baby girl. Whoever have met her when she was a baby would have told, she is going to throw a lot of tantrums when she is to go to school. I believed this will not be happening. I was sure, because…

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    Career Update

    Hi then, I did a most recent turn on my career, when I said bye to Java/J2EE and went on to do C/C++. To be short, I had not touched C coding after the Second Year in College. C++ you can guess what I would have done. Going on for five years on Java and then suddenly changing to C/C++, that was one risk I was taking on my career. The other major risk was I was joining a startup. So what is that puts everybody off when they begin to work on a startup. Is it the hardworking environment or the salary or both. But for me it has…

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    Everybody has their own journey through life – V

    Talking about school I can’t just forget all the incidents which I was involved in, mainly embarrassing ones. And also funny ones – we all still talk about these incidents and make fun of each other. Hide & Seek: Hide & Seek is a popular game in our school, mainly because of the surroundings which made that happen. Our surroundings were a bit spooky when I joined the school, how about two half-built buildings and a full built one with bushes growing all in the empty places where the people have forgotten to keep a foot on for ages. This gets more spookier when the time actually climbs after the…

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    Everybody has a Journey through life – IV

    Matric – to students in Tamilnadu, passing thro’ matric examinations is one of the biggest acheivements. When a student passes from Matric in a great fashion, he goes on to acheive better things from the College. Hence my matric days were filled with more responsibilities like learning non-stop. Having no time for fun, etc., And I also had a dubious distinction of being the School First and everybody had high hopes from me. This is a sort of pressure nobody should be in. But it was me. The same pressure happened to be a breaker when I was studying 8th standard, but I had broke the pressure barrier myself by…

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    My Baby

    Hey, the world has stopped working, I have to see herdaily. Whenever I spend quality time with her, I amexcited, ecstatic, and I am not able to think of morewords than this. Yes, the two ecstasies on my life have arrived andthey are making life great and fun for me. Disclaimer: My wife is my first ecstasy, my baby is my second.

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    A Long Night – Yesterday

    Yeah, yesterday was the longest night – something similar to the longest day battle on the european coast during world war II. So it was our baby chellam was crying like anything, she was feeling difficult about something which we couldn’t find out. The problem was never rectified. From the moment I got home she was crying, feeding, doing the usual chores and again start crying. I, my wife and my mother-in-law all were already tired because of our hectic schedules, still we couldn’t do anything for a good night sleep. My mother-in-law could sleep on the first half of the night when I and my wife were looking after…