APertain – User Engagement Tools Web & Mobile

APertain a Customer Engagement Platform for Web & Mobile which provides a unique way to track visitors through our website pages & app screens and engages with them to convert them to Leads and thus provide an opportunity to grow your customers and revenue. The main purpose of the website is to collect Leads who can become our qualified customers. Marketing is a tool to bring them to the website or mobile app. Then comes the challenging part of converting them to Leads, to Customers, to Loyal advocates of our services.

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SOCAmps Service Desk

SOCAmps Service Desk is a state of the art help desk implemented mainly for companies which perform physical, hardware and software services for their customers. Service Desk incidents are managed via a conversational platform along with an excellent Expense Management Tool which enables end to end process oriented, SLA based Service Delivery Mechanism for the companies.

SOCAmps CRM – CRM for Mobile Sales Teams

SOCAmps CRM provides an easy-to-use intuitive Customer Relationship Management software with a simple conversational platform to manage Deals through the Sales Process of Leads, to Potential, to Quotations, to Purchase Orders, to Invoice and Payment & Shipping. It provides easy management of Sales Process via different team members with different focuses on the Sales Process. It also provides a means to customize the Sales Process to suit the needs of the particular organization.

SOCAmps CROI – CRO Software for Digital Marketers

SOCAmps CROI provides Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Engaging a Visitor and show Forms & Popups based on User Behavior to convert them to Leads and then to Sales. CROI is a simple tool to convert your website Visitors 2 Leads 2 Sales. CROI Provides Forms, Popups, Landing Pages, E-Mail Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM Integration, Marketing Channel Analysis and Reports to enhance conversion of Visitors to Leads to Sales.

SOCAmps Live Chat for Web Developers

SOCAmps Live Chat offers a wonderful opportunity for Web Developers to offer their customers the world-class enterprise grade secure Live Chat as well as Lead Conversion Tools. We provide an ability for the Web Developers & Digital Marketers to enhance their offering by showing how their SEO & Marketing efforts have increased the throughput of the websites for their customers. Thus providing a reliable platform (co-branded or fully white-labelled) solution for their customers.

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